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Behind the design: Troubled

fear and turmoil and a troubled heart doesn’t have to be what you go to. && indeed it actually isn’t what you were designed to go to. that’s why when you carry fear it’s so heavy, bc you weren’t meant to carry it.

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Behind the design: PEACE

Peace isn’t that these situations always go away, but it is the powerful truth that I am no longer held hostage to fear & worry. anxiety and fear are handled differently when peace rules in my heart BECAUSE I am a member of Christ’s body and called to peace.

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Celebrate Diversity

  The Lord has been speaking to me lately about fully grasping who He created each of us to be. As humans, it can be so easy to look around at everyone else and what they have and compare it to what we don’t or what they can do and what we cannot. A cycle of doing this will leave us empty handed and feeling worthless and jealous. After all, why can’t we have and do as they? And the answer is fairly simple. God didn't create you to do what they can. He gave you something unique that they don’t have, something so special and vital to the Kingdom. And what happens when we continually focus on others abilities...

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Breakthrough is always available, no matter the situation. Most of the time, it’s just not in the timing we expect or want. Our culture has tried to rob us of breakthrough and convince us that once something has happened to you, you must then play the victim mentality and live with it for the rest of your life. Furthermore, our society has created a now mentality when the reality is, things take time and God has perfect timing. It can be easy when you have went through a valley for so long, to just set up camp there but God has called us to never camp out in our desert. I am guilty of throwing myself plenty of pity parties...

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Deep Roots Equal a Firm Foundation

I will be the first to say that I firmly know all good things come from God and He never causes anything bad or harmful on His children. I also believe that God uses all things for His glory and will use the most difficult and dark places to shine His light, all while growing us in the process. Recently, I found myself in that exact spot. April 27, 2019 was my husband and I’s five year wedding anniversary. We were having the time of our life celebrating in Key West, Florida.We were shark fishing that day, far out beyond any cell service. Our fishing trip had come to an end and we were on our way back in, when...

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